The Importance of Core Training

I specialize in core strength- it's a priority muscle group that enhances all the other muscles in the body. I have a very unique exercise like no other for developing core. If you have a hard time targeting your lower abs or even your upper ab section, use my technique and you will have the strongest core of your life- I guarantee it!


Ab- Visories For A Powerful And Trim Core:

  • With most abdominal moves, the range of motion is failry small. Move through your range of motion by the isolated muscles range of contraction, not the other way around.
  • At the top and bottom of each contraction, pause- with a deliberate squeeze of the muscle to move the body..
  • Use a smooth motion and deliberate speed of movement..
  • Maintain a constant tension throughout the set, don't rest between reps.
  • Hold your breath as you crunch: then exhale at top of the move.